Octopus Power Adapter Issue

Checking your Power Adapter PCB

We urge all users who have received an LDO Voron 2.4 or Trident kit with kit numbers (VT-2208170001 to VT-2301120379; V2-2211231049 to V2-2212301376) to check their Power Adapter PCBs. If you have any doubts, contact your reseller for a new adapter free of charge.

To check your PCB, you will need a multimeter set to continuity test mode. In the photo below, the pins enclosed in the blue box are all ground. The pins enclosed in the green box should be NC (not connected).

multimeter on continuity test mode

Use your multimeter to test if any pin inside the green box has continuity with either the 5V or GND pins from the Microfit 3.0 pins. Use your multimeter to check all of the pins in the green box with the ground (any pin inside the blue box). If any pin within the green box has continuity with ground, your PCB is defective – DO NOT use it! In this case, contact your reseller for an immediate replacement.

Instructions for anyone who is not familiar with multimeter :

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